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Get out of the stuck places and move forward together


Do you have the same old fights, or is it silence now? 


Has there been infidelity?


Are you resigned to staying together for the children?


Whether you are focused on saving and strengthening the relationship, or still working out what the future holds, we'll get out of the cycle in your interactions that has been causing problems.

Choosing to partake in therapy is one of the most important investments a couple can make in their relationship, family, and themselves. In return, my focus is on helping you to move into a healthier, happier space as quickly as possible.

I base my couple’s therapy work in the Relational Life Therapy (RLT) model developed by Terry Real. My approach is modern and direct, looking for the patterns that contribute to relationship disharmony and disrupting them. This isn't the slow, passive style of couples therapy you might be expecting. The aim is to take rapid steps towards a more functional and connected future, whatever relationship form you take.

I do my best, most efficient work with motivated couples. If you are willing to put your hand up and say yes, there's some things I do that are unhelpful in my relationship and I want to stop them, you will see faster and more long-lasting results. The most effective place to focus is on your own side of the street. You can absolutely still make progress if one or both of you are feeling a little less willing right now, it just might take a bit longer.

I’m a firm believer in this approach to couples therapy and the capacity of partners to make big changes. It is because of this that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee on your first session. See below for rates.

Call or email me today for a 15-minute initial chat or use the booking calendar schedule your first appointment.

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Unlike other couples therapy models, RLT may include individual, confidential sessions with each partner in addition to the joint sessions. Any potential benefit of these will be determined during the therapy and recommended as required.

Initial assessment appointment (90 minutes) $220*

Couples session - 90 minutes $220**, or 60 minutes $150

*100% money-back guarantee if you decide not to continue after the first session.

** Are you a young couple aged less than 30 years? Please see the bottom of this page.


My aim is for you not to be regularly coming to couples therapy six months later. 


I take an active, modern approach to couples therapy from the very first appointment. Through our sessions, you will be equipped with a thorough understanding of the unhelpful dynamic you have been experiencing, and the self-awareness and tools to step out of it and reconnect as partners on the same team.  


All of your relationships will benefit from your learning and new approach, not only with your partner, but your colleagues, your family, and yourself. Modelling healthy, loving interactions at home also supports the development of effective relational behaviours in your children for their own future partnerships.


Many couples feel sufficiently prepared to continue working on their relationship with the learnings they have acquired after 4 – 7 sessions, particularly those that are willing and able to reflect on their own patterns and follow through on making changes. Following this, some couples continue to schedule regular or sporadic sessions, checking in with me for a few coaching sessions may be helpful for continuing to loosen up patterns and behaviours that have become more entrenched habits.


Are you a young couple?


I have a particular passion for young couples (those aged 20-29 years) in long-term relationships and marriages and understand that cost may be prohibitive for those starting in their careers. I find that young partners are often especially willing and comfortable with owning their own contributions to struggles in the relationship and are enthusiastic about making changes, so they can often see quick progress. As such, I offer a lower rate of $190 for the initial and 90min session option if both partners are under 30.

Get in touch today to ask any questions or go to the online booking calendar to schedule your first session.