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Averil Lagerman, M.A., PgDip (Couns), MNZAC

I’m an experienced, registered counsellor.
I work with clients both in-person on the North Shore, Auckland, and online with clients all around New Zealand.

If you want to live with more ease and less anxiety, develop a better relationship with yourself and others, or feel like it's time to work through some repeating patterns, I'm here to help.


Being a human isn’t always easy, but there are ways to make it a little smoother and more fulfilling. The most important relationship we build is the one between our own ears, but most of us aren't ever given any explicit instruction on this.
I’m an action-oriented therapist, meaning that while I’ll probably ask about how you grew up, how something made you feel - the usual “therapy stuff” - I’ll also provide you with effective techniques for making progress. I often provide resources you can take home with you, and offer homework to keep your momentum going between sessions.

My style is empathic, warm, and with humour - I bring my genuine self to sessions and I hope you will feel comfortable to bring yours too. Tears, swear words and belly laughs are all welcome.

I have a wide range of clients, and I especially enjoy working with people in their 20s and 30s. I have a particular interest in topics such as anxiety, perfectionism, low self-esteem and self-worth - things so many of us have struggles with in these decades and beyond.

I often tell clients that learning the skills I share with clients has also made me a better, happier, if still imperfect person and partner. And I know from years of working with people that anyone can learn to make significant improvements to their lives and relationships with commitment and the right support.

If you’re ready, the process of therapy can provide exploration, growth and learning that will assist you now and into the future. I’ll support you with the best strategies for making progress, whether it’s shifting how you look at things, being more compassionate with yourself, or taking giant steps towards the life you really want.

My Approach
With my therapy clients I draw on techniques from Compassion Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Internal Family Systems ('parts work') and other methods, depending on the approach that suits you and your situation best. Click here for more information on these.

My Background
I have worked across the field of human services and behaviour change for 20 years, both here in Auckland and in my second home of Los Angeles. After completing my Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling at the University of Auckland I established a thriving private practice on the North Shore. Then, with the back and forth of lockdowns in 2020-2021, I shifted my practice entirely online. While an adjustment at first, I've found it works well for many clients, especially not having to battle Auckland traffic and parking! I've since welcomed a return to in-person sessions as well and the space and connection that offers.
One of the most challenging (and meaningful) roles I have worked in has been in the rehabilitation and forensic sector, helping men and women learn to manage their thoughts and feelings, improve their relationships and communication skills, and make lifestyle changes that reverberate in their families for generations to come.
After working in Auckland's maximum security prison, there is nothing you can say that will shock me. The years I spent working in that environment also built in me an unshakeable belief in people's ability to make enormous positive changes when the motivation and support is there.

I look forward to talking with you about what you want to get from therapy. You can book online, or get in touch via email or text message with any questions.

Text: 021 706 016

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