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My Approach

Through my career I have been trained and worked in a variety of therapeutic models, and I continually upskill in order to offer a quality, tailored service to my clients. It is my experience that different methods work for different people and different issues, so I use an eclectic approach drawn from the models below. I encourage my clients to try out the techniques we discuss in session and give feedback so we that we can shape your sessions to you.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

CBT helps us to understand how our beliefs, thoughts and feelings influence our actions, and works with these elements to produce better outcomes. It is very useful for considering different perspectives and managing difficult thoughts and emotions. CBT is a highly regarded approach for the management of depression and anxiety, is the foundation of most coaching models, and has a range of applications for life's daily stressors as well. For more about CBT, click here.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

ACT is based in mindfulness and acceptance of the present, while bringing our values into focus to help us create richer and more fulfilling lives. ACT is especially helpful for difficult situations that cannot be changed, and supporting us to keep going during challenging periods. It's useful for anxiety, creating a meaningful life, and health and self-esteem issues, among many others. For more about ACT, click here.

Couples Therapy - Relational Life Therapy (RLT)

RLT was developed by renowned therapist Terry Real as an approach to couples therapy that looks directly at the patterns that contribute to relationship dysfunction. It incorporates empathy, loving confrontation, humour, and honesty to support partners in owning their behaviours and its origins, in order to rapidly move together towards a more connected future. I also share these techniques with individuals looking for relationship insight and skills in individual therapy and coaching.

Clinical Coaching

Therapeutic models aren't just for therapy. The skills themselves work for anyone in possession of a human mind with human thoughts and emotions. While coaching often focuses on goal setting and accountability, clearly understanding how and why you might get in your own way and what to do to change those patterns in the long-term is where my clinical expertise can make the difference. In coaching I share these tools and techniques in a laser-focused way, so that you can take them and run (towards your goals and dreams!)