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Coaching Packages

Clarity & Balance

Stressed and overwhelmed?

Treading water or stagnating?

You deserve to get the juice out of life.

The Clarity & Balance programme is a 16-week investment in yourself that allows you to get to the core of what really matters to you, understand and manage your feelings, and put the power of the mind to work for you and your relationships.

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Drive & Growth

Tired of procrastinating?

Ready to level up?

Drive & Growth is a 12-week programme designed to put your goals in high gear. Discover the true nature of what's been holding you back and learn techniques that really work to overcome perfectionism, procrastination and imposter syndrome.

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Why Do I Keep Attracting the Same Type of Relationship?!

Repeating the same painful and dissatisfying mistakes in relationships is exhausting.

This 6-week programme will help you uncover why you keep finding yourself in the same relationship patterns, and set a different course for the future and the relationship you deserve.

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