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Relationship Coaching for Individuals

Relationships can be one of the most vulnerable, confronting aspects of our lives.

They can also be the avenue for our greatest personal growth and self-understanding.

Online sessions available now.


Relationship Uplevel

Relationship Skills for Individuals


Is this you?

Your relationship issues don't seem bad enough to warrant couples therapy, but you know it could be better;

Perhaps you want to set a new or your next relationship on a healthy trajectory;

Or you want to take your communication skills in all relationships to the next level -

Relationship Uplevel is my coaching package to equip you with some of the fundamental tools and insights of a relationship therapist - without the intense therapy part.

These concepts should be taught in school. Relationships are fundamental to our existence and wellbeing and  yet so many of us struggle with the same types of problems in relationships over and over:

  • Feeling confused, anxious or stressed by our partner's behaviour;

  • Frustrated with why and how our partner manages to push our buttons so much;

  • Arguing instead of truly communicating - fighting and defending instead of speaking and listening to understand, be understood, and connect.

  • Feeling like we lack confidence or self-control, even if we are competent in these areas at work or in other relationships.

It's hard to see our own patterns and vulnerabilities in relationships, because our actions make sense to us (at least in the moment).


The nonjudgmental support of an objective and honest coach can provide transformational insights and skills that reshape the way you think, feel and respond in your most important relationships with others.

At the end of four sessions you will:

  • Understand yourself better in relationships.

  • Possess the tools of ninja-level communication to manage conflict and  day-to-day interactions effectively.

  • Have the skill of healthy boundaries that create both safety and connection with partners, friends, family - or any human!

Healthy relationships are key to your sense of vitality and overall satisfaction with life. Book a free 30-minute consultation here to discuss whether Relationship Uplevel Coaching is right for you.

After the free consultation, Relationship Uplevel Coaching is offered in packages of 4 x 60-minute fortnightly sessions: $640*

* Includes as-needed weekly email exchange for your questions or accountability between sessions.

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