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Individual, Personalised Coaching

This coaching is all about you.

Your goals. Your challenges. Your mindset.

Your skills. Your action. Your balance.

Your life.

I have two offerings - online sessions available now:

Personalised Coaching

Motivation Coaching

Personalised Coaching

If you've been thinking:

I'm tired of feeling this way.

There has to be more to life than this.

You're right.

There is more to life than just getting by. It can be easier than it has been. Let's build a life you are engaged in, proud of, and truly satisfied by.

Using laser-focused coaching methods in conjunction with strategies from a range of therapy models, personalised individual coaching is tailor-made to you.


Whether you want to focus on your self-esteem and personal growth, career goals, self-care and life satisfaction (or all of the above!), we will get quickly to the heart of what's been in your way and transform your path forward.


Our weekly or fortnightly coaching sessions will generate clarity, accountability, and movement towards your chosen direction. You will walk away with homework and my best resources, and know exactly what you need to do in the coming weeks to implement changes.

The tools and techniques you will learn are an investment in the health of your mind, relationships, and experience of life that you will take with you far beyond our coaching relationship into any challenge you face.

I work with people who are ready to make significant shifts in their mindset, future, and experience of daily life.

Are you in?

Book your free initial consultation here.

Personalised Coaching is offered as single sessions or in packages:

Single session: 1 x 60min session $179

Starter Package: 4 x 60min sessions $660

Premium Package: 6 x 60min sessions* $960

Elite Package: 8 x 60min sessions* plus free follow-up session or $160 discount off your next package $1280

*(includes opportunity to email me once a week with a question, or for extra support and accountability)

Struggling with motivation or commitment? See my Motivation Coaching offering below.

Personalised Anchor

Motivation Coaching

Making change is hard.

Do I even need to change something?

What should I do?

Is it a good idea? How hard will it be?

(Why am I doing this again??)

How do I go about it?

If you've struggled to make changes before (like most of us), you know that motivation can be fleeting and fickle.

The bad news - that's just the nature of motivation.

The good news - there are ways to get it back, deepen it, and power through when it seems to desert you.

The first step is to work out if this is the right change for you right now. A conversation with an objective, nonjudgmental other can be the way to figure that out.

Then, if it is, we will start to take steps forward.

Motivation Coaching generally consists of 1-5 weekly sessions designed to support you in clearing the fog, making the best decision in alignment with what matters to you, and taking the first steps towards making progress if you so desire.

Book a free 30-minute consultation here to discuss whether Motivation Coaching is right for you.

After the free consultation, Motivation Coaching is offered as follows:

First 60-minute session: $180 (to decide on your course of action)

Follow-up package: 4 x 60-minute sessions $680*

*(includes as-needed weekly email for extra support or accountability)

*Please note - My Motivation Coaching offering is not designed for addressing substance-abuse issues, please contact a specialist in this field. Additionally, I do not offer coaching for dieting/weight loss as a goal but do enthusiastically support the non-diet and body neutrality approaches to health and weight.

Motivation Coaching Anchor
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