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Exclusive Small Group 2-Day In-Person 
Recovery from Narcissistic Relationship
Intensive Workshop

With Relational Life Therapists 
Serafin Upton & Averil Schiff

Wellington August 28 - 29 2021

Auckland September 25 - 26 2021

Introductory pricing available now

Do you feel exhausted after the supposed love of your life turned out to be emotionally manipulative and controlling?


Are you the scapegoat of your toxic family system?


Do you feel both exhausted and wired after being lied to, betrayed, manipulated, and gaslit? 


It is painful to be in or escape a narcissistic relationship.  One can feel paralysed, exhausted, alone, or unable to break free from the emotionally abusive cycle.  Narcissistic relationships can lead to depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, a pervasive feeling of shame, and other mental and physical health challenges.  Self-medication can occur as an unhealthy method of coping with these overwhelming feelings and experiences.


Our weekend workshops are designed for people who want to learn how to recover from narcissistic or emotional abuse and neglect.


Take time out and step into the focused, safe space of our exclusive Recovery From Narcissistic Relationships Workshop.  This is the only workshop of its kind in Aotearoa where attendees come together for a weekend of camaraderie, laughter, support, validation, and healing.


Overview of how you will benefit from attending the workshop:


  • Learn about what narcissistic abuse entails and the impact of this type of behaviour on individuals, couples, and families;

  • Understand why standing up for your needs can backfire - leading you to feel like you’re walking on eggshells;

  • Know why it can feel challenging to end the relationship and navigate your own experience of life the same way, even if you’ve left the relationship;

  • Figure out if you possess any co-dependency issues which may have kept you in the firing line of narcissistic behavior / ensured you remained in the relationship;

  • Learn how to develop, communicate, and hold boundaries to support healthy future relationships;

  • Decipher narcissistic “red flags” so you can protect yourself;

  • Understand how to look after your mental and physical health moving forward; 

  • Meet and hear from others who have also been through a similar experience.


The learnings you will take from this workshop can be applied to all relationships in your life. The communication and relational strategies we teach will set you up for success with your family relationships, parenting, collegial relationships, and friendships.  




Who is this workshop for?


Anyone who wants to learn more about how to recover from emotional/narcissistic abuse.


What will the retreat be like?


This is a focused, intensive experience designed exclusively for a small group environment.  Our objective is to empower you to recover from abuse, recognise early warning signs, and intervene in the dynamic if it happens again in your future relationships, all within the span of a weekend.


What’s the schedule like?


Each day begins at 9:00 a.m., with refreshing breaks in the morning and afternoon, plus a lunch break to give you plenty of time to rest and recharge your batteries. Our 5:00 p.m. end time gives you an entire evening to relax and return feeling refreshed the next day.


Do we have to talk about our experiences in front of other people in the group?


No. We will provide a comprehensive guide at the beginning of the retreat for how to share - if you wish to share - without compromising your boundaries or the boundaries of other people in the group.   


Who else will be at the retreat?


All attendees will be required to complete an application to ensure their comfort and safety and the comfort and safety of others before being invited to attend the retreat.


What kind of activities will we be doing?


We will provide interactive mini-lectures, small group exercises, personal (individual reflection) time, and optional trauma release activities (smashing crockery, anyone?) 


Will there be role plays?


No. There are no roleplays, no awkward guided communication techniques, no unnecessary talk about feelings, and no group hugs or hand-holding - think about this as similar to a professional training you would experience in the workplace.  

About Serafin Upton


Serafin Upton has been a family and couples therapist for over 20 years and has trained under world-renowned relationship therapists Esther Perel and Terry Real.  Serafin initially started as a crisis telephone counsellor in 2003 with Youthline and then worked for a long time in child and adolescent mental health.  These days, Serafin primarily offers sex and relationship therapy to couples and trauma work to individuals recovering from narcissistic relationships.  


Bachelor of Arts, Grad. Dip. (Psychology), Grad. Cert. (Psychotherapy), Masters in Social Work, Masters in International Relations & Human Rights.  


About Averil Schiff


Averil Schiff is a registered counsellor and has worked across human services and behaviour change for 18 years, both in Auckland and her second home in Los Angeles.  After spending many years working in Auckland's maximum-security prison, there is nothing you can say that will shock Averil. This role also built in Averil an unshakeable belief in people's ability to make enormous positive changes for themselves and their families.  Averil completed Relational Life Therapy training through Terry Real’s Relational Life Institute in the USA and now works in private practice in Auckland with individuals and couples.


Master of Arts (Education), Post-graduate Diploma (Counselling).


Having negotiated a deal with our Wellington and Auckland venues, we are now pleased to offer the following introductory rate pricing on our exclusive 2-day intensive workshops. 

Enrol before 21 July: $678


Enrol 22-28 July: $778


Enrol after 28 July: $1108

2-Day Workshop inclusions: 


One follow-up private session at no additional fee


Morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea on both days


*Spaces are limited to 12 participants per workshop


Please register your expression of interest by emailing