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Clarity & Balance
16 Week Coaching Programme

Maybe you've been feeling overwhelmed and stressed, and it's been getting on top of you.

Perhaps anxiety at work or in social situations has been holding you back.

Maybe your relationships with others are confusing, or difficult.

Or life feels like one big holding pattern and you're just getting by. You've forgotten who you are, or never really knew.


But there's a little voice that whispers "This can't be all there is."


You're right. There's more. Much more.


Let's get your mind to work for you.

Claim the life you deserve.


Clarity & Balance is the user manual that should have come with your mind.

This is a 16 week programme designed to gain sparkling clarity on the workings of your mind so you can experience more satisfaction, fulfilment, connection, and equilibrium.

In our fortnightly meetings I will coach you through the following modules:


Module One

What Really Matters?

Your values are your guiding star, but in the busyness of everyday life or in the pursuit of our goals it's too easy to lose sight of them. Together we will uncover your core values and identify what living in alignment with them truly means.


Module Two

WTF? (What's This Feeling?)

Emotions are powerful and without an effective response can threaten to overwhelm us. Understanding how emotions really work is the foundation of a genuine and balanced existence.


Module Three

Emotional Intelligence

The key to managing emotions is often not what you think (and often the opposite of what you've been doing!)

Learn the secrets of a therapist for responding to your emotional world.


Module Four

Self Maintenance

Do you maintain your car or take your dog to the groomer more regularly than you take care of yourself?

Let's explore what self-care really means and develop a realistic plan to keep your systems running at peak performance.

Module 5

Mindset Upgrade

It's time for a system reboot on your mind.

In this module I will introduce you to the mindset traps that have been limiting you and show you how to bring your mind onside. This is life-changing material - once you know it, you can't un-know it!

Module 6

Self Esteem

Healthy self-esteem is your rudder for navigating the choppy waters of life.

But what is it, how does it feel to have healthy self-esteem, and how is it different from self love?

Self-esteem is a challenge for many of us, but having a clear picture of what it is and what it is not is the first step on the journey back to yourself.

Module 7

Boundaries to Protect and Connect

The word 'boundaries' gets bandied about these days, but not many of us have ever really been taught what they are and how to use them to benefit our relationships.

I will help you to reflect on your current boundary behaviours and powerful tools for building and using healthy boundaries.

Module 8

Higher Level Communication

Learn the peak-level communication techniques of a couples therapist that can be used in any relationship, personal or professional. We will cover how to really hear someone, how to speak so you can be heard, and how to stop defensiveness in its tracks.

What's included:

  • We will meet fortnightly for one hour over 16 weeks, either at my office in Milford (Auckland) or online.

  • Between each fortnightly session you may make use of a 15-minute laser-focused coaching call or email to help you drill down on a particular issue.

  • For each session you will be provided with a pre-session preparation worksheet, a notetaking form, electronic written summaries of the material covered and any resources used, and (mandatory!) homework.


Cost: $1597 (or bundle with Drive & Growth for $2594)

Ready for change? Book your 30-minute discovery meeting now.

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