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What's been holding you back?

Procrastination? Perfectionism? Self-doubt?

Not knowing what it is you actually want?

An 'inner critic' who gives you a hard time when you try and take a leap or make a mistake?

If you've had the sneaking suspicion there has to be more than this - more fulfilment, more balance, more excitement AND more peace - you're right.

Coaching is an active, forward-focused approach to really getting to know your true self, what matters to you, and crushing the obstacles that have been in the way of a satisfying, meaningful life.

The mind can be both a powerful ally and a formidable foe. With my coaching, the way your mind operates will be a mystery no longer. You will learn to put it to work for you, gaining sparkling clarity and a sense of control over your direction.


    What's the difference between coaching and therapy?

    Broadly speaking, therapy often has healing at its core - repairing the wounds of our upbringing and significant relationships, helping someone climb out of depression or anxiety disorders, supporting those who are suffering to manage overwhelming emotions and situations.

    Generally, coaching assumes you are starting from an okay space and are ready to level up. You might struggle with some performance anxiety at work or in social situations, feel flat and uninspired, or be stressed and out of balance, but you have the energy to make significant changes and commit to your growth.

    Is coaching or therapy a better fit for me?

    Consider coaching if:

    • You feel ready to take action. It's OK if you don't know what you want right now, we'll figure that out together.

    • You have the capacity to complete homework and action steps between sessions.

    • You're ready to reflect, hear some home truths about what's been holding you back, and flexible enough to make changes.

    • You accept that with change comes initial discomfort. Growth happens in the stretch zone, not the comfort zone.

    Consider therapy if:

    • You have had very painful or traumatic experiences that you have not had good support for and that continue to have residual impacts on your life.

    • You have or suspect you might have depression, a mood/personality disorder (such as Borderline Personality Disorder) or an anxiety disorder.

    • You have a sense of not coping currently - some therapy first might help you to feel stabilised and able to get the most out of future coaching.


    Why should I choose you as my coach?

    As a registered counsellor with nearly 20 years of supporting people to change their behaviour and mindset, I have an arsenal of tools and techniques at the ready.


    Not only can I provide you with the motivation, productivity and goal setting strategies that most coaches can, I can help you to understand yourself and others in a deeper way that allows you to make lasting changes.

    Not everyone needs therapy, but there are a motherload of therapeutic tools that everyone could benefit from. We all have human minds, emotions, and relationships that experience challenges. These techniques are gate-kept behind therapy office doors when the 'general public' would receive enormous benefit from utilising them too.

    The skills I can teach you as a clinician are not just for helping someone climb out of trauma or disorder - with your willingness and commitment they can help you experience life and your relationship with yourself and others in a deeper, more satisfying, and more meaningful way than you ever thought possible.

    How many sessions are involved? How often will we meet?

    Coaching is a commitment - to yourself and to the process of growth. Because of this I offer an initial 30 minute discovery session where we can meet each other, discuss your goals and work out whether we are a good 'fit' for what you are wanting to achieve.

    I have several packages available:

    Clarity & Balance

    Drive & Growth

    Why Do I Keep Attracting the Same Type of Partner?!

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